Somerset Savings Bank

Statement of Condition

We’re safe, solid and secure.

We believe a reputation for quality is something that can only be earned over time — proven day in and day out by consistently showing respect for, and attention to, the financial needs of our customers. We’re committed to giving you the banking solutions you need to achieve your goals and the security you need for financial peace of mind.

Statement of Condition

December 31, 2018

Cash on Hand and In Banks $ 77,213,905
Mortgage Backed and Investment Securities 132,827,786
Mortgage Loans 324,384,991
Equity and Consumer Loans 10,596,533
Office Properties and Equipment 3,250,324
Other Assets 17,164,866
Total Assets $ 565,438,405
Liabilities and Capital
Deposits $ 442,780,483
Tax Escrow Funds 3,824,628
Other Liabilities 4,924,953
Capital 113,908,341
Total Liabilities and Capital $ 565,438,405