Somerset Savings Bank

Account Alerts

Life moves quickly, and your finances need to keep up. With eAlerts, you can receive an email message within minutes of account transactions like withdrawals or direct deposits. It’s a free and easy way to monitor your money on the go.

To set up your personalized eAlerts, log in to Online Banking and select the notifications you want to receive:

  • Your balance is above or below an amount you specify.
  • A withdrawal, deposit or check posts to your account.
  • A direct deposit posts to your account.
  • Your loan payment is due.
  • A CD is approaching maturity.

In addition to helping you stay on top of your finances, the nearly real-time updates on your accounts may save you money by helping you avoid fees for a low account balance or nonsufficient funds. Signing up for loan payment reminders can also help you dodge late fees. And eAlerts can provide yet another layer of protection against account fraud by letting you know when suspicious transactions occur or your contact information has been changed